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1 FOR SALE: MEGA SCAN PRO-Best Quality Lon 09/19/2017 Details
New and improved MEGA SCAN PRO is an
ideal searching device for prospectors
and researchers of precious metals and
stones with its more advanced programs
and higher sensitivity sensors.

It can now detect up to 2000 meters
front range and depth of 40 meters
without compromising its accuracy and
reliability. It has an automatic ground
balance feature wherein the device
adjusts with the immaterial mineral
contents of the soil so it won't give
you false signal while searching in the

Another excellent property of this
device is its magnetic system called
magnetometer where targets can easily
be detected even in a difficult terrain
like mountainous or rocky field.

This device is made up of high quality
materials to guarantee its durability
and equipped with long lasting
batteries that can be used up to 20

A Program option can be selected for
each of the following targets: Gold
treasures, Gold nugget, Diamond,
Gemstones, Silver, Bronze, Copper,
Iron, Platinum and Cavity.

For complete details, visit our website

Video at:

Contact: +971 503010577/+971503010775
2 FOR SALE: 3D GOLD STAR-Powerful & Accura 09/16/2017 Details
GOLD MASTER proudly introduces the most
advanced detecting technology-the New
3D GOLD STAR-Metal Detector and Ground

This device combines the most important
system of an ideal metal detector
capable of detecting metals and
discovering underground structures.
These are:
1. Long Range System- has a high
sensitivity sensor which detects
targets up to 1200 meters front range.
The device not only detects targets
from the surface, but also from under
the ground to a depth of 35 meters
making it very effective discovering
valuable objects that has been burried.
2. Magnetic system-is used to explore
the Earth's magnetic field and detect
magnetic anomalies under the ground.
3. 3D Imaging System-gives 3D pictures
of the earth's layers used to determine
the kind and properties of the target
such as size and depth.

It is made up of high quality materials
and is not affected by weather
conditions. It also comes with a
tablet computer installed with 3D
analysis program to be used in
analyzing the data gathered with the 3D
imaging system.

3 FOR SALE: FRESH RESULT 1-Water Finder 09/06/2017 Details
FRESH RESULT is a modern and best
German device for water detection. It
has been tested for its accuracy before
putting it on the market. The device is
small in size making it more handy, and
is easy to use.

It is perfect for farmers, agricultural
land investors, researchers and
explorers looking for a good source of
ground waters.

Long Range System-this high resolution
system detects water at a distance of
up to 2000 meters front range and 1200
meters deep under the ground. You can
start your survey from 500m, 1000m,
1500m or 2000m directly. The user can
even stand up on the exact location of
the target with the ability to
determine its depth.


1. Small in size and easy to use
2. Touch screen operated
3. Detects up to 2,500m front range and
1200m deep
4. Identify the type of water detected
5. Works in 4 languages(German,
English, French & Arabic)
6. 2 years warranty


Email us at:
4 FOR SALE: MEGA G3 -Metal & Gemstones Det 08/29/2017small camera icon Details
MEGA G3 is the latest model and world's
best metal detector proven and tested
for its reliability in metal &
gemstones detecting.

MEGA G3 has LCD high resolution screen
and long lasting battery that can be
used up to 20 hrs and a laser system to
easily determine the direction of the
target set by the device from a distant

It has an ideal design combining
accuracy and ease of use which can
easily be learned by first time users.

Search Systems:
1. Long Range Locator-detects target up
to 2,000 meters front range and 40
meters deep underground with the
ability to explore all types of terrain
including mountainous, muddy and even
rocky land.
2. Ionic Scanner System-detect targets,
especially metals, that has been buried
for a long period of time. The longer
an object is buried, the higher its
ionic stregnth, therefore easier to

Program Options are:
1. Gold Treasures
2. Gold Nuggets
3. Diamond
4. Gemstones
5. Copper
6. Cavity
7. Silver
8. Bronze

5 FOR SALE: MEGA GOLD-Diamond & Golden Tre 08/20/2017 Details
Discover golden treaures and diamonds
with this latest and powerful yet
inexpensive device. Is has 100%
precision in giving signals for
quicker and successful treasure
hunting saving you time and effort.
It is used to explore all territories
and difficult terrains, including
mountainous and rocky & muddy area and
is not affected by either warm or cool

MEGA GOLD was designed simple and easy
to use to suit all researchers and
prospectors. It is equipped with
advaced technologies for convinience
of use, including:
1. LCD Screen-displays all options and
important details you need
2. Laser system-determines the
direction of the target
3. Long-lasting battery-up to 20 hrs
of continuous use

MEGA GOLD detects GOld Treasures, Gold
Nuggets, Silver and Diamonds up to
distance of 2000m and depth of 30m.
6 FOR SALE: Buried Pipe and Cable Detector 08/08/2017 Details
We offer a intelligent ranges of
UndergroundPipe&Cable Locators, all
will locate buried cables and pipes,
however they are better suited for
different conditions or tasks. Get more
Cable detector & pipe locating equipment
logon to our Website @
7 FOR SALE: Pole Ground Mounting 08/07/2017 Details
Mibet (Xiamen) New Energy Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China pole ground mounting, adjustable ground mounting, angle adjustable ground solar bracket, angle adjustabl......url:
8 FOR SALE: Carpet Cleaning | CINCINNATISh 08/06/2017 Details
Find List of Shops and Showrooms in
Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh. Get their
all deatials inculding -> Shop Address,
Phone Numbers, Product Details etc.
under a one roof.

For more information, please visit : - A Dedicated Online
Website/Directory of Hamirpur District.

Shops and Showrooms

Readymade Garment Shops

Cloth House

Electronic Goods

Computer and Accessories

Mobile Stores
9 FOR SALE: Get Video Microscope Online 08/02/2017 Details
Explore wide range of Video Microscope
--Auto Focus Video Microscope VM-500
--Coaxial Illumination Video
Microscope VM-400
--Coaxial Illumination Video
Microscope VM-300
--Auto Focus Video Microscope VM-200
--Video Microscope System VM-100
--2D Monocular Video Zoom Microscope

Contact Us:
A1, KaiSong Park, 2# Baima Xianfeng
South District, Guangdong, DongGuan,
China (523080)

Phn No: 0086-769-23184144
Fax: 0086-769-22854144

10 FOR SALE: Best 4.1 home theatre speakers 07/23/2017 Details
If you are looking to buy a 4.1 home
theatre speaker then Zebronics is the
right brand to choose. The sound
monster range 4.1 home theatre
speakers from Zebronics have all the
capabilities to satisfy onces sound
needs. All the 4.1 home theatre
speakers of Zebronics comes with
built-in Fm, bluetooth, supporting
USB, SD/MMC and much more. It can be
easily connected to all types of
mobiles, laptops, PCs, computers and

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