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1 FOR SALE: Bengal Presidency Coins 02/20/2019 Details
Buy this beautiful Bengal presidency
silver coin of the denomination rupee,
issued by East India Company at
Murshidabad Mint. The obverse side of
these Bengal coins feature the legend
Sikka Zad Bar Haft Kishwara Saya Fazl
Ilah Hami Deen Muhammad Shah Alam
Badshah, while the reverse depicts the
text Zarb Murshidabad Sanah 19 Julus
Mainamat Manus in Persian. If you are
looking to buy Bengal presidency coins,
then here’s a chance you shouldn’t miss.
Buy Bengal coins online along with a
leaflet containing valuable information
at Mintage World just for Rs 1760.
2 FOR SALE: Rare British India stamps 02/15/2019 Details
The East India Company started issuing
British India stamps ever since their
first post office in Bombay was
established in 1888. Scinde Dawk was the
name given to old British India stamps
that were issued from 1 July 1852 in the
Sindh district. These circular British
India Stamps were embossed onto paper
with wax wafer. Learn in detail about
different types of rare British India
stamps and definitive stamps of British
India systematically at Mintage World.
3 FOR SALE: Hyderabad Coins IPS Ellichpur 01/23/2019 Details
If you’ve always wanted some unique
Hyderabad coins in your collection then
here’s a chance you shouldn’t miss!
These 1 Paisa Hyderabad old coins were
struck in 11.5 grams of copper at
Ellichpur Mint. The obverse side of
these Hyderabad coins feature a tiger
while the reverse depicts a Persian
legend. Buy this Feudatory of Hyderabad
IPS-Ellichpur Coin just for Rs 300 at
Mintage World.
4 FOR SALE: Ancient Indian Coins Guide 01/22/2019 Details
Ancient Indian coins can be broadly
divided into 6 sections, namely, old
Indian coins issued by Janapadas,
ancient coins of India issued by ancient
dynasties, Indian ancient coins of early
medieval kingdoms, rare historical coins
of south India, old coins of ancient
invaders and coins of India from ancient
city states. Mintage World is the
perfect online catalogue which provides
detailed information about all ancient
coins of India belonging to all these
5 FOR SALE: Buy Gwalior State Coins 01/14/2019 Details
Looking for interesting Gwalior coins
for your collection? Check out these
stunning Quarter Anna Gwalior state
coins struck in 2.9 grams of
copper,featuring a Bust of king and the
legend of ‘Shri Jivajirav Shinde Alijah
Bahadur, Gwalior’. Buy rare coins of
Gwalior at reasonable rates at Mintage
6 FOR SALE: Buy Gwalior State Coins Online 01/01/2019 Details
Here’s your chance to add some
interesting Gwalior Coins to your
collection. These quarter Anna Gwalior
state coins were struck in 4.5 grams of
copper during the regime of Jivaji Rao
at Gwalior Mint. The obverse of these
Gwalior state coins features the bust of
king and legend ‘Shri Shivajirao Shinde
Alojah Bahadur’. Buy Gwalior coins
online from one of the most trusted
websites, Mintage World, just for Rs 300!
7 FOR SALE: Silver Roman coins for sale 12/30/2018 Details
If you’re a collector of Roman Empire
Coins, then here is a wonderful treat
for you! Mintage World presents an
opportunity to buy roman coins online at
affordable rates. Check out one of these
stunning roman coins for sale, struck in
3.43 grams of silver under the regime of
Octacilia Severa. Buy this roman coin
just for Rs 5169/-
8 FOR SALE: Ancient Indian Coins Catalogue 12/27/2018 Details
Old Indian coins issued by Gandhara
Janapada between 600 and 300 BC were
rectangular in shape and featured the
six-armed symbol. coins of ancient india
issued by the Gupta Empire kings like
Chandragupta and Samudragupta feature
artistic designs and are popular all
over the world. If you have an old coin
of India from the ancient times, then
Mintage World is where you will find
useful and well-categorised information
about all types of historical coins of
9 FOR SALE: buy Silver Coin of Philip I 12/21/2018 Details
Searching for interesting Roman Coins
online? Check out these stunning Roman
Empire Coins struck in 5.13 grams of
silver during the regime of Philip I.
These ancient roman coins feature a bust
of King Philip I on the obverse along
with the inscriptions IMP M IVL
PHILIPPVS AVG. The reverse of these old
roman coins features a standing portrait
of Goddess Anonna and the legend ANNONA
AVGG. Buy Roman Coins from one of the
most trusted websites, Mintage World, at
affordable rates.
10 FOR SALE: Online Guide for Greek Coin 12/18/2018 Details
The Kingdom of Lydia invented Greek
coins somewhere around 6th century BCE.
Independent city states like Ionia
started issuing coins of Greece.If you
have an ancient Greek coin in your
collection then Mintage World is the
best online portal to get all the
information you are looking for!

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