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1 FOR SALE: Buy Roman Coins Online 08/10/2018 Details
If you are looking to buy Roman Coins
online, then grab this opportunity right
away! This is one of the beautiful Roman
Empire Coins that was issued in 4.04
grams of silver by Gordian III. Buy
these old roman coins of the
denomination Antoninianus just for Rs.
3699 at Mintage World along with an
informative booklet.
2 FOR SALE: Roman Coins of Gordian III 08/06/2018 Details
Buy one of these beautiful Roman Coins
online bearing the denomination
Antoninianus, struck under the regime of
Gordian III. These ancient roman coins
weighed around 4.35 g and was struck in
silver featuring Radiate, draped bust of
king and the Legend IMP GORDIANVS PIVS
FEL AVG on the obverse. If you are
looking for websites that offer roman
coins for sale, Mintage World is where
you will find Roman Empire Coins at
reasonable rates.
3 FOR SALE: Detail About Bahrain Coins 08/03/2018 Details
Bahrain coins are issued under the House
of Khalifa. Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Al
Khalifa issued Bahrain currency from
1961 AD to 1999 AD while King Hamad bin
Isa Al Khalifa has been issuing Bahrain
money from 1999 AD. Learn in detail
about all types of Bahraini dinar at
Mintage World.
4 FOR SALE: Old Roman Coins by Gallienus 08/01/2018 Details
What more could you have asked for if
you love collecting ancient roman coins!
Here is your golden opportunity to buy
roman coins online at a very affordable
rate. This stunning piece was minted in
silver, in the denomination Antoninianus
, weighs 3.33 grams and features Goddess
Virtus. Make one of these old roman
coins issued by Gallienus all yours just
for Rs 5699/- from Mintage World!
5 FOR SALE: Silver Antoninianus Coin of Ph 07/30/2018 Details
Feel what itís like to hold a Roman
piece of history in your own hands.
These beautiful Antoninianus ancient
roman coins featured Philip II holding a
globe and a spear. Buy one of these
amazing Roman Empire Coins issued by
Philip II minted in silver just for Rs.
4699/- from Mintage World which is an
absolute value for money!
6 FOR SALE: Quarter Anna Gwalior Coin 07/27/2018 Details
Hereís a pleasant surprise for those who
love collecting Gwalior state coins.
Grab this chance to own one of these
quarter anna rare coins of Gwalior
minted in copper by Madhao Rao weighing
4.5 grams. Now you can buy these Gwalior
state coins just for Rs. 300 from
Mintage World.
7 FOR SALE: Coins of Medieval India 07/26/2018 Details
Coins of medieval India are found in
different varieties. Right from medieval
coins issued by various sultanates to
the ones issued by independent Hindu
kingdoms, each coin has a lot of
historical significance. Learn in detail
about all types of medieval period coins
of India at Mintage World.
8 FOR SALE: Colonial Coins of India 07/23/2018 Details
Antique coins of India from the colonial
period were minted through three
different Presidencies namely Madras,
Bombay and Bengal for administrative
purposes by the East India Company.
After the revolt of 1857, the Indian
subcontinent became a part of the
British Empire and colonial coins were
issued directly by the British regime or
monarch. Learn in detail about rare
coins of British India at Mintage World.
9 FOR SALE: 1 Pai Baroda State Coin 07/20/2018 Details
If you want to buy Baroda coins, then
here is a chance to add more value to
your collection. This stunning 2.5 grams
coin was minted in copper at Baroda mint
during the reign of Sayaji Rao III. Buy
one of these historic Baroda state coins
of the denomination 1 Pai just for Rs.
550 from Mintage World.
10 FOR SALE: Rare World Coins 07/18/2018 Details
Coins from around the world share a lot
of historical information about the
world. Ancient world coins from Greece
and India are most loved by collectors.
However, information about these
valuable coins is scattered and
unorganised. There is a need to
categorise and present the information
in a systematic manner. Mintage World is
the perfect online portal where
collectors can get well-segregated
country-wise information about coins of
the world.

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