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1 FOR SALE: 1/2 Copper Coins of Jahangir 04/19/2019 Details
Love collecting Mughal empire coins or
coins of Jahangir in particular? Here
are some really interesting Jahangir
coins for sale you shouldn’t miss! These
amazing Jahangir coins were struck in
6.81 grams of copper at Ujjain mint and
bore the denomination 1/2 Paisa. Both
the obverse and reverse side depicts
beautiful Persian inscriptions. If you
are a fan of coins of Mughal period then
buy Mughal coins at reasonable rates at
Mintage World.
2 FOR SALE: Buy Coins Online and Enhance 04/18/2019 Details
Looking for a website that offers old
Indian coins for sale online? If yes
then Mintage World is one of the most
trusted online portals which offer old
coins for sale in India. Through this
website, you can browse through numerous
varieties and buy coins online at a
reasonable price. The portal not only
offers rare Indian coins for sale, but
also shares important historical
information about them.
3 FOR SALE: Medieval coins Online 04/16/2019 Details
Coins of Medieval India issued by the
four dynasties who ruled the Delhi
Sultanate to medieval coins of Mughals,
independent Kingdoms and Princely
states, there’s a lot to explore as a
numismatist. Mintage World is where you
can browse through a well-organised
database of Medieval Period Coins with
images and detailed information.
4 FOR SALE: Online Antique Indian Coins 04/10/2019 Details
The East India Company issued antique
coins of India for different
presidencies such as Bengal presidency,
Bombay presidency and Madras Presidency.
Antique Indian coins were issued by
other colonial powers such as the
French, Dutch, Portugal and Danish as
well. All these rare coins of british
india featured different designs and
bore various denominations. Learn in
detail about the rarest coins of India
that were issued in the colonial period
only at Mintage World.
5 FOR SALE: Buy Silver Gupta Coins 04/09/2019 Details
It’s always an honour for any collector
to own some historical Gupta Coins!
These stunning silver coins of Gupta
period were issued between 3rd and 6th
century AD during the regime of Kumar
Gupta I and they bear the denomination
Drachms or Denaree. If you are looking
to Buy Gupta empire coins then Mintage
World is one of the most trusted online
portals that offer some amazing Gupta
Coins for sale. Buy these wonderful
Gupta silver coins just for Rs 700 now!
6 FOR SALE: Buy Copper Dam of Akbar 04/04/2019 Details
Always craved for coins of Akbar as a
collector? Here’s a chance you shouldn’t
miss! This stunning Copper Dam of Akbar
weighs around 20.39 grams and was struck
at Bairat mint. The obverse side of
these beautiful Mughal coins of Akbar
feature the Zarb Falus and Mint name
while the reverse features the date in
numbers and/or in words. Buy Copper Dam
of Akbar Online just for Rs 1200 at
Mintage World.
7 FOR SALE: Build world coin collection 04/03/2019 Details
Ancient coins of the world like the ones
issued in India, Greece and Roman Empire
are popular among numismatists across
the globe. Many of these valuable coins
from around the world have been sold by
auction houses for impressive amounts.
If you want to build a good world coin
collection then you need to possess a
lot of knowledge about coins from around
the world. Mintage World is where you
can get well-categorised and extensive
information about all kinds of world coins.
8 FOR SALE: Buy Satavahana Coin of Pulumav 04/01/2019 Details
Always wanted unique Satavahana coins in
your collection? Check out these
stunning Satavahanas coins for sale that
were struck during the reign of Pulumavi
in 2.7 to 4.1 grams of copper. The
obverse side of these coins of
satavahanas featured an elephant with
its trunk raised along with Brahmi
legends. The reverse side of these
Satavahana empire coins depicted the
Ujjain symbol. Buy this amazing
Satavahanas Dynasty Coin just for Rs.
650 at Mintage World.
9 FOR SALE: Indian Presidency Banknotes 03/29/2019 Details
The Bank of Hindostan issued Old
banknotes of India from 1770 to 1832.
The General Bank in Bengal and Bahar
issued early banknotes of India for two
years from 1773 to 75, Bengal Bank
issued Old currency banknotes from 1784
to 1791. Learn in detail about different
varieties of rare banknotes of India or
Indian presidency banknotes at Mintage
10 FOR SALE: Perfect Guide for- Bhutan Coin 03/27/2019 Details
Cooch Behar mint issued Bhutan currency
till 1789 after which, the silver Bhutan
rupee was introduced. Local chieftains
issued old Bhutanese coins which were
called as "Ma-trum" or "Chhe-trum". In
20th century the quality of Bhutan coins
was improved under the reign of King
Druk Gyalpo Ugyen Wangchuck. Learn in
detail about Bhutanese coins and all its
varieties at Mintage World.

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