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1 FOR SALE: Analysis of Satavahana History 08/16/2019 Details
Satavahana History begins somewhere around mid-1st century BC and extends up to 3rd century AD. Satavahana period history can be studied through literary, as well as archaeological sources. Explore Satavahana coins history, their types and symbols in detail through this article. If you like researching on history of Satavahana Dysnaty, then here’s where you will find some fascinating facts about the earliest and longest ruling Dynasty of Ancient India.
2 FOR SALE: Silver Rupee of Muhammad Shah 08/07/2019 Details
If you are looking for websites that offer coins of Muhammad Shah for sale, here’s a chance to own a stunning silver rupee struck at Dar-ul-Khilafat Shahjahanabad mint. The obverse side depicts the Persian legend Sikka Mubarak Sahib-e-Qiran Sani Muhammad Shah Badshah Gazi along with AH date. Buy silver one rupee coin of Muhammad Shah just for Rs 1100 at Mintage World! Apart from this coin, we offer an exciting collection of other Mughal coins for sale as well. Grab this opportunity and buy Mughal empire coins at reasonable rates now!
3 FOR SALE: Khalji Dynasty Coin for Sale 08/01/2019 Details
Looking to buy Khaljis Coin Online? Mintage World offers this wonderful Khalji dynasty coin for sale that was struck in 3.5 g of Billon under the rule of Ala Al Din Muhammad Shah. The obverse side of these historic coins of Khalji dynasty features the Persian legends “Muhammad Shah” while the reverse side depicts the Persian inscription “Al Sultan Al azam Ala al duniya wa aldin”. These wonderful Delhi sultanate coins are denominated as 2 Gani. If you are looking for a portal that offers a Khaljis Coin for sale at a reasonable price, here’s your golden opportunity!
4 FOR SALE: Currency notes in India 07/31/2019 Details
The earliest currency notes of India were issued in the 18th Century by private banks as well as semi-government banks like the Bank of Hindostan. Indian Notes issued during the British Regime featured designs only on one side earlier. These rare notes of India are auctioned around the world for a high value. Hyderabad was the only Princely State which issued currency notes in India separately. The first republic notes of India were issued in the year 1949. Learn in detail about the history of India notes and their amazing varieties at Mintage World.
5 FOR SALE: Video Editing Studio in India 07/26/2019 Details
If you are looking for a Video Editing Studio in India with the perfect combination of talent and technology then Ultra Digital Studio is the place to be! We offer video editing service in India and abroad across all formats and mediums, be it television, feature films or digital content. Our editing studio is equipped with the latest technologies to offer some of the best movie editing services in India. Get in touch with us now to know about our video editing services.
6 FOR SALE: Buy Mother Teresa Coin 07/26/2019 Details
This Mother Teresa 5 rupee coin was issued in 2010 to celebrate the birth centenary of the noted Roman Catholic nun and missionary. Struck in 6 grams of Nickel base metal at Hyderabad Mint, the obverse side of this valued Mother Teresa coin features the Lion capital of Ashoka Pillar with denomination while the reverse side depicts the portrait of Mother Teresa with dates and mint mark. If you are looking to add Mother Teresa commemorative coins to your collection then buy this wonderful Mother Teresa birth centenary coin just for Rs 150 at Mintage World.
7 FOR SALE: The Diabetes Loophole 07/24/2019 Details
Diabetes Loophole - Brand New Beast. The
Diabetes Loophole is a program that is
designed for anyone who suffers from
diabetes and is tired of having to rely
on medication
8 FOR SALE: Japanese Coins-Reference Guide 07/23/2019 Details
Old coins of Japan can be divided based on the Edo Periods they were struck in like Kan'ei Era, Shotoku-Kyoho Era, Kanbun Era, Genbun Era, Kanpo Era etc. Japanese coins from different eras featured unique designs. The Japanese yen came into existence after New Currency Act was introduced in 1871. If you have a Japanese silver coin in your collection and want to know its origin, here is where you will find all the information you need. Learn in detail about rare Japanese coins only at Mintage World.
9 FOR SALE: Kushan Kanishka Coins 07/22/2019 Details
If you are searching for websites that offer Kushan empire coins for sale, then your search ends here! These amazing coins of Kanishka feature the King offering oblation into the altar with a goad in his right hand. The reverse side of this Copper Tetradrachm of Kanishka I features God Oado running with both arms raised holding a cape. Don’t miss this opportunity to own this beautiful example of Kushan coinage. Order now!
10 FOR SALE: Silver Gemstone Earrings 07/22/2019small camera icon Details
Buy a beautiful pair of earrings from! Spice up your
jewelry collection with glamorous pair
of Pearl, ruby or garnet earrings.

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